LIPA: 1,800 customers without power; many outages reported in Cutchogue, Greenport

SUFFOLK TIMES PHOTO | A cracked telephone pole in East Marion following the overnight wind storm that knocked out power across Long Island.

A string of powerful overnight storms has left hundreds in Southold Town without power Thursday morning, with the number of reported LIPA outages jumping from about 300 to almost 1,800 across Long Island as of 10 a.m. as LIPA works to restore services.

GIANNA VOLPE | Downed tree branch in front of a Cutchogue home on the south side of Main Road at about 8:30 a.m.

About 280 outages have been reported in Southold Town, according to the LIPA power outages map. There are 144 customers without power in Cutchogue and nearly 120 power outages have been reported in Greenport.

Meanwhile, National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory and is warning motorists to be careful of downed trees and power lines. Wind gusts reaching up to 55 mph were expected to taper off around sunrise, the advisory reads, though strong winds continued to whip through the morning commute.

“Strong winds can make driving difficult,” the advisory reads. “Especially for high-profile vehicles.”

WRIV 1390 AM, which usually features Times/Review editors Michael White and Grant Parpan at 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. each Thursday, was not broadcasting as of 8 a.m. due to storm-related technical difficulties.