Oysterponds column

Here are the details I promised about the much-anticipated annual poetry night on Saturday, Feb. 4, at 7 p.m. at Poquatuck Hall. There are impressive new participants this year, in addition to favorites from past years. The writers include reigning Suffolk County poet laureate Ed Stever; Tami Nuzzo-Morgan, who held that title from 2009 to 2011; Greenport High School English teacher Luke Conti; Frank Cirillo; Orient’s William Steeple Davis artist in residence, Vivian Eyre; Sarah Kain Gutowski; Adam Penna; Yvonne Leiblein Horton; Pierre Gazarian; and, of course. the man who was the original inspiration for this evening, our own Billy Hands. There will also be art on display by local artists including Alan Bull, Holly Mastrangelo and Annie Wildey. Special thanks, as always, to Linton Duell for organizing and promoting this very popular event. Every year it gets bigger and better. Personally, I think it needs to be done again when there are leaves on the trees, but that’s just one woman’s opinion.

Also on Saturday, from 2 to 5 p.m., OHS will host an opening reception for Alan Bull’s exhibit at the Janet Swanson Gallery on Village Lane.

And on Thursday, Feb. 2, Gail Horton will hold a rug-hooking class at OHS at 5 p.m. Call 323-2480 for details and for the mandatory registration.

I didn’t get official notification, but I heard Orienteer Frannie Liburt will have a show of her pastels this month at Mattituck-Laurel Library. Call 298-4134 for details.

Kerri Hands, daughter of Janet and Billy, recently got what will most likely be the most memorable phone call of her life — at least so far. Congressman Tim Bishop called to notify her that she would be receiving an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. Kerri deserves this; she has worked incredibly hard to get to this point and her parents should be congratulated for their support of her efforts in this prestigious honor. WTG, Kerri!

I have yet another fun “visualize this” to share. I was running my normal chores Friday afternoon and popped into Steinmart. I spotted a great dress I thought Sarah would love. In my normal, multi-tasking, unfocused state, I texted her — or thought I did — to ask her about size and color preference. It took a while for the recipient to text back, in his best Father Mariusz imitation: “Huh? Dress? I ‘dun’t’ wear dress.” I’m not sure who was more surprised, Father Tom that I sent it to him or me realizing to whom I had sent it. Great laughs followed for me. Laughter produces endorphins. Good thing. BTW, I didn’t get back to Father Tom to explain the mix-up until Monday morning. He really must have been scratching his head in confusion.

The same bus/Mack truck that’s been hitting Oysterponds and leaving us all covered with painful tread marks has struck again. It’s hard to believe that such an amazingly upbeat, positive, gregarious, vibrant member of our community has succumbed to cancer after a long courageous battle. Oysterponds extends sincere sympathy to Maria Reinecke, Tommy, Jonathan, Bea, Joy Holmes, Lisa Gillooly and their families on the death of their son, brother, father and husband, Tommy Reineke. He was always there for everyone,; now he deserves to rest. Maybe he is chilled out with his feet up on Diamond Girl, since that is a vision I keep seeing as he throttled up in Orient Harbor, leaving OYC. May he rest in peace and his family and friends be comforted.