Wine Press: Sacred Sweets in Greenport changes its name

SAMANTHA BRIX FILE PHOTO | Miche Bacher, co-owner of Mali B Sweets in Greenport, decorates a cake in her Greenport baking studio. Sacred Sweets was renamed Mali B Sweets in December.

Love the intricate treats and elaborate cakes at Sacred Sweets in Greenport?

The same sweets are still available in the Main Street baking studio, but now they’re being devoured under a new name.

The bakery’s name changed to Mali B Sweets about a month ago after a marketing firm ran focus groups and found that consumers thought Sacred Sweets was a religious food establishment.

“We’re not affiliated with any religious organizations,” said Mali B Sweets co-owner Miche Bacher. “We’re just us.”

And so, Ms. Bacher and her partner, co-owner Nanao Anton, renamed their bakery after their dogs. Mali is Ms. Bacher’s pooch, and B stands for Brownie, the name of Ms. Anton’s pet.

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