Will Greenport Village pierce the 2 percent tax cap?

JULIE LANE FILE PHOTO | Greenport Mayor David Nyce.

The Greenport Village Board is expected to soon schedule a public hearing to discuss piercing the state’s new 2 percent tax increase cap for this year’s budget.

The board had planned to hold the hearing next week until a Suffolk Times reporter pointed out that board members did not vote on setting the hearing date during its meeting Monday. That vote is now expected during a March 8 special meeting.

Village Mayor David Nyce said there’s a provision in state law that allows a municipality to raise the tax levy above the 2 percent cap through the adoption of a local law.

Mr. Nyce said that while the village faces a budget deficit, he wasn’t certain if next year’s spending plan might involve piercing the cap. Enacting the local law gives a municipality the authority to do so if needed.

“Adopting it doesn’t mean you have to use it,” Mr. Nyce said. “It’s another tool.”

Under state law, the Village Board has until April 15 to hold a public hearing to discuss its budget. It then has until May 1 to adopt a spending plan.

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