Deer hunting on 250 acres of North Fork county land?

JIM COLLIGAN FILE PHOTO | Deer hunting could soon be allowed on 250 acres of Suffolk County land. on the North Fork

Suffolk County is exploring the possibility of permitting deer hunting on up to 250 acres of county-owned North Fork land, Laura Klahre of the town’s land management department and deputy director of public works Jeff Standish said this week.

The two have also been working with the county on opening up 144 acres owned jointly by the county and town at Soundview Dunes, Dam Pond and Hashamomuck Pond. Bowhunters would have access to those properties between Nov. 15 and Dec. 31.

The trails would be open every day, but hunters would use other areas, which would be mapped out on a grid, at the same time.

Since the properties are partially owned by the county, all county residents would be able to use them, Mr. Standish and Ms. Klahre said during the Town Board’s Tuesday morning work session.

Mr. Standish said he’d like to get the county to give the town information on hunters who have county permits to use the land, in case a problem arises. The county could discipline any problem hunters if the town reports their permit number, he said.

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