New book showcases work of famous Long Island painter

COURTESY PHOTO | A new book showcases the work of Charles Henry Miller, who painted scenes on Long Island from the late 19th century into the early 20th century.

A new book has just been released about the life and career of Long Island painter, Charles Henry Miller.  An accomplished artist, Mr. Miller captured the scenery and beauty of late 19th and early 20th century Long Island and went on to co-found the Art Club of New York and founded the New York Etching Club.

Together, Southold Historical Society director Geoffrey Fleming and Miller’s great-granddaughter, Ruth Ann Bramson, compiled dozens of color and black and white images into the 200-page book, which includes a biography of the artist.

Born in Manhattan in 1842, Charles Henry Miller traveled to Long Island’s North Fork in his later years to find rural scenes when the landscape of other parts of Long Island became too developed for his eye.

Essayist Bayard Taylor is credited with the characterization of Mr. Miller as the “artistic discoverer of the Little Continent of Long Island” while he captured quiet rural and agricultural scenes before they vanished from urbanization.

“We are simply delighted to be able to release this new publication on Miller,” said co-author Geoffrey Fleming. “It was long overdue for an artist of his importance.”