No permit for chamber art show

JAY WEBSTER FILE PHOTO | The North Fork Chamber of Commerce was denied a permit to use Mitchell Park for its third annual art show this summer.

The Village Board this week turned down the North Fork Chamber of Commerce’s request to use a portion of Mitchell Park for its third annual art show on July 21. The measure failed with only two of the three board members present voting yes.

In voting no Trustee David Murray said he couldn’t support the chamber’s permit because fundraisers “clog up” access to the park.

“If we allow one fundraiser in, then we’ll have a bunch of fundraisers lining up,” he said.

Last year the village rejected San Simeon by the Sound’s request to hold a second fundraiser in the park. Board members said opening the park for annual events unrelated to the village could result in space being unavailable to residents.

Mr. Hubbard said he had disapproved of San Simeon’s application because tickets to its event cost more than $100 and would ultimately deny a large portion of the public access to the park. However, Mr. Hubbard said he voted to approve the chamber’s permit application because the event didn’t involve an entry fee.

Trustee Chris Kempner said she favored having an art show at Mitchell Park because it would attract more people to the village.

North Fork Chamber of Commerce president Andy Binkowski said Tuesday morning he couldn’t comment because he hadn’t been formally notified about the Village Board’s decision.

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