Seaport Museum announces plans for lighthouse cruises with Bug Light visits

It was a sign of spring’s approach on Sunday when the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation announced its upcoming schedule for lighthouse cruises and disclosed that all will include visits to Long Beach Bar “Bug” Lighthouse.

In addition, special 90-minute excursions to Bug Light will be scheduled throughout the season. Bug Light excursions begin in May with the longer lighthouse cruises starting in June.

Last September during the Maritime Festival, Bug Light was opened to visitors for the first time in about a decade thanks to work done by Costello Marine to provide a safe landing dock. It is one of only four offshore lighthouses throughout the country that was to visitors, according to museum and foundation board president Ted Webb.

He and Bob Allen, whose great-grandfather, William Follett, was a keeper at Bug Light, will share tour duties at the site this coming season. Both will share stories and legends about the lighthouses, including several that are reputed to be haunted.

A schedule of lighthouse cruises is available by calling the museum at 477-2100.