Editorial: Glad to see turbine plan scrapped

We were pleased to learn this week that the Suffolk County Water Authority has backed away from its plan to build a wind turbine at Laurel Lake in Laurel.

The water authority announced plans earlier this year to build the turbine to help power its pumping station near the lake.

While we recognize the need for alternative and renewable energies, sometimes you have to scrap a plan because it just doesn’t make any sense. That’s what we’d say about constructing a 100-kilowatt wind turbine in the middle of a scenic nature preserve — it makes about as much sense as building a giant aqua blue nuclear power plant in between two beautiful town beaches on Long Island Sound.

Neighbors also rallied against the wind turbine proposal as a possible fire hazard that could harm the area’s wildlife.

What’s even more telling is the water authority’s explanation for why it backed off the plan. A spokesperson said it could take as many as 25 years for the agency to recoup its investment in the half-million-dollar turbine.

It’s nice to see a government authority recognize that sometimes long-term financial gains can be too costly in the short term.

The water authority’s decision seems like something we should all be satisfied with.