New Suffolk School District

New Suffolk has no candidates for open seat on school board

The tiny New Suffolk School District is without a candidate for the one seat on its three-member board up this spring, after longtime board member Brigitte Gibbons decided not to run just before the April 16 deadline and no one stepped forward to replace her.

New Suffolk Superintendent Bob Feger said the school board cannot operate without a third member, and the district is weighing its options for filling the third seat.

The school’s attorney is researching whether a write-in campaign is allowed. If not, the board members must appoint someone before Ms. Gibbons’ term expires at the end of June.

“Ms. Gibbons, who decided not to run, did so close to the deadline. Without having the information that the incumbent was not running again, everyone was under the impression she would continue to run,” said Mr. Feger. “No candidate filed by the deadline. We’re going to have an empty seat by June 30. It’s an awkward situation.”

Mr. Feger said several people have expressed interest in running for the school board in previous years, and he expects there will be interest in a write-in campaign.

If not, “the board has the authority to appoint somebody after Brigitte’s term expires,” he said.