Artist’s hyper-realistics now on display at Starbucks

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Charles Wildbank of South Jamesport poses with a print of a commissioned painting of two bikini-clad women, one holding a Corona.

Charles Wildbank of South Jamesport is an accomplished painter, specializing in hyper-realistic oil and acrylic paintings.

Some of his works are on display at the Starbucks coffee shop in Mattituck, where he was still finishing his installation Friday.

But he’s already planning to make a switch next week.

He’s taking out a painting he’d hung of two women in bikinis on the beach holding bottles of Corona beer after Starbucks management said it was a bit much for their taste. A painting of a fully-dressed farmer will fill the spot now taken by the scantily clad ladies.

Like many artists, Mr. Wildbank takes time to decide what works to show, or in this case what to take down.

But Mr. Wildbank is unlike most artists. He was born deaf.

Read the full story in the July 12 issue of the Riverhead News-Review.