Football fans rejoice, Cablevision inks deal for NFL Network

Sunday’s on the North Fork are about to become a lot more exciting for football fans.

Cablevision, the largest local TV provider, reached an agreement to carry the NFL Network as well as the NFL RedZone channel, the company announced Thursday.

The NFL Network showcases exclusive games, including a 13-game Thursday Night Football schedule. Those games were previously unavailable to Cablevision subscribers, unless the game featured the New York Giants or Jets.

The NFL RedZone channel airs on Sunday throughout the regular season and shows live viewings off all games. The RedZone channel takes viewers to different games as soon as a team is close to scoring.

NFL Network will make its debut beginning tomorrow. It will be available on channel 150 in standard-definition and HD for customers who subscribe to iO Preferred, iO Silver, iO Gold or the Sports & Entertainment Pak. NFL RedZone will be offered on channel 151 as part of the iO Sports and Entertainment Pak, which is included in the iO Gold package, which was launched last spring.