Brand new Suffolk Times e-paper launched today

Want to read your copy of today’s Suffolk Times from cover to cover on your iPad? No problem.

Times/Review Newsgroup launched its new e-paper Thursday, available to subscribers and compatible in all digital formats, including Mac, PC, iPad, Kindle and smartphone devices.

The new e-paper gives print subscribers the ability to access the company’s weekly newspapers in an interactive digital format powered by Olive Software.

“Reading habits are trending more and more toward the mobile format,” said Times/Review executive editor Grant Parpan. “In July, nearly 25 percent of our online readership viewed our sites using mobile devices. The e-paper will, among other things, allow those readers to access our content in a new, mobile-friendly way.”

Times/Review e-papers are fully searchable, enabling you to jump straight to the story you are looking for or to check for coverage you know is important to you. You can also share posts through email and social media sites with just one click.

E-paper advertisements will be hyperlinked each week enabling readers to quickly access the websites of Times/Review advertisers through links featured in their ads.

“For decades we’ve been a dominant print voice on the North Fork and Shelter Island,” Mr. Parpan said. “Over the past several years, we’ve worked very hard to grow our online readership. The e-paper is the next logical step in that direction, as it better enables us to be your go-to source for mobile, print and 24-7 web news.”

Each edition of our e-papers will remain active on our daily website, creating a digital archive of all Times/Review content.

“This will also help to bridge the divide between our web and print content,” Mr. Parpan said. “Our content is often very different in the paper from the way it appears on the Internet. The e-paper assures that all print content will be available for our subscribers to access online.”

The e-paper is available to both print subscribers and readers who wish to purchase an annual digital-only subscription. Digital subscriptions are available at $40 per year.

The e-paper will become live on each Thursday morning. The link appears above the homepage tab in our navigation bar, just below The Suffolk Times logo.

Readers seeking to learn more about this new product are encouraged to email [email protected].