Featured Letter: They left the condoms, took the Obama signs

To the Editor:

Maybe I’ve got it wrong, but wasn’t America founded on the idea of personal freedom?

Weren’t our Founding Fathers seeking to escape persecution because of their religious and political beliefs?

I know there are people who don’t practice these concepts. Perhaps the stealing of the Obama-Biden signs from two of my Fleet’s Neck neighbors’ lawns wasn’t a loud enough statement for them. They felt compelled to dump an empty box of condoms on the lawn of one of these homes.

Stealing the signs is pathetically immature. Don’t the sign-stealers realize that’s all they’ve stolen, not the person’s vote?

Leaving the condoms is a blatant statement of intolerance which, regardless of your political affiliation, is an insult to the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

Whoever you are who carried out this ridiculous act, do you feel better now?

Judi Mogul, Cutchogue