Featured Letter: We proudly raise the flag every day at Mattituck

To the Editor:


In response to Joseph Lee’s letter last week [“Where’s the flag?” Aug. 23], perhaps I could put your mind at ease. Regarding your concern about the flag not being raised at Mattituck High School, we proudly raise the flag each and every day that school is in session. I also would like you to know that your tax dollars that you claim are not “high enough” go to the best cause we have — our children. They go to the schools that are taken care of each day by good, honest, hardworking people. People who are also, may I add, proud Americans.

Being the son of a veteran, I was brought up by a man who truly loved this country so much that before he passed away he made me promise that the flag would be placed on his coffin — and it certainly was. Although I do not fly the flag at my home every day, that doesn’t mean for one second that I don’t love this country.

In closing, I hope your anger over this issue has subsided. By the way, I am a custodian with the Mattituck-Cutchogue school district, but most of all I am a PROUD AMERICAN!

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