North Fork on display at the New Suffolk waterfront

North Fork, Artist Rob White
GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Artist Rob White’s depiction of the New Suffolk School House. The oil on canvas piece is currently on display in New Suffolk.

Today was the first day of a truly North Fork art exhibit, held at the old Galley Ho restaurant on the New Suffolk waterfront.

The show, called NF x NF, premiered for what was described by curator and once-Suffolk Times editorial cartoonist, Rob White, as a “good,  steady crowd,” resulting in the sale of five of the exhibit’s 61 total artworks.

The show’s theme represents a mathematical equation: North fork artists multiplied by North Fork-inspired art works. Mr. White describes the place he calls home, the North Fork as, “a cat that’s been let out of the bag,” a place with a loveliness that some wish could have been kept secret.

“The North Fork, New Suffolk especially, is the kind of place we don’t want to tell anyone about because we like it so much ,” he said. “This show extols its virtues without actually giving it away.”

The show will be on view through Sept. 16.

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Barbara Zagarek, North Fork, art show
GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | A piece by artist Barbara Zagarek titled ‘Marty’s fishing station’ is one of many on display in New Suffolk.