County creates domestic violence database

ROBERT O’ROURK FILE PHOTO | Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said a newly created domestic violence database will help advocates for domestic violence victims share data more easily.

Suffolk County has partnered with domestic violence awareness advocates to create a countywide database for sharing information associated with reported domestic violence incidents, according to a press release from County Executive Steve Bellone’s office.

“The database will allow data sharing among Suffolk County public and private agencies in an effort to create a more comprehensive understanding of domestic violence and assist with developing strategies to reduce the occurrence of domestic violence across Suffolk County,” the release states. “Previously data collection regarding alleged and proven domestic violence incidents were recorded in isolated data ‘silos’, across various municipal and state departments and advocacy agencies.”

Mr. Bellone was joined by public advocates for the unveiling of the database at a press conference Friday.

“I am pleased that the various agencies serving victims of domestic violence throughout Suffolk County now have a centralized repository of information pertaining to domestic violence incidents,” said County Executive Bellone.  “This database lays a path toward greater understanding of the problem areas and trends of domestic violence across Suffolk County and can further serve as a catalyst to create solutions that will substantially reduce such violence over the long-term.”

During the month of September, 1,070 incidents were entered into the database, the County Executive said.  The database provides demographic information, including the primary language spoken by parties in the incidents, towns and hamlets where incidents took place and the victim’s relationship to the offender.