Town questions need for second tick task force

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | An adult female black-legged tick. Sometimes referred to as a deer tick, this species can transmit Lyme disease.

Town Board members are none too keen on a recent request from residents to form the town’s own tick task force, after Suffolk County formed a similar task force earlier this year.

“It seems redundant,” said Councilman Bill Ruland, while Mr. Russell said the fact that the county has a health department and the town doesn’t makes the county a more logical host for the task force.

Councilman Al Krupski said he thinks the county task force would have more success than the town in getting the DEC to change hunting regulations to allow baiting of deer.

Board members agreed to hold a public meeting with state and county representatives, as well as representatives from local hospitals, to prepare feedback for the county task force.

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