Featured Letter: Nov. 6, 2012, the day America died

TIMES/REVIEW FILE PHOTO | Then-Senator Barack Obama pointing to a copy of the Shelter Island Reporter at a 2008 fundraiser for his first presidential campaign.

To the Editor:

How very sad that the mind-set of the majority of voters re-elected Barack Hussein Obama. The election results are so very scary because they represent the personalities of his constituents.

The electorate was bought off by racial division, promises of amnesty for illegal immigrants, unemployment insurance extensions, the reward for illegitimate births, free birth control offers, welfare programs for the unworthy, free cellphone service and much more.

It was all about the “give me” society that has been nurtured for many years in this once great country. The mentality of the voters could have put any socialist candidate into the presidency if Mr. Obama hadn’t run. How blind they are.

Shame on you, America, you sold this country out.

You’ll now be faced with escalating unemployment, corporate bankruptcies, excessive gun control and an overall government takeover of every facet of your lives. Small businesses will be forced to close because of Obamacare and layoffs will escalate.

The stock market will turn into a disaster for pension investments. Mr. Obama will force many companies to move their assets abroad. The tax burden on you, “the middle class,” will increase so much that there will no longer be a middle class.

Did a middle class exist under Stalin? Under Castro, or under any other socialist/communist government?

It won’t be long before discovering the mistake made by putting this anti-American socialist back into office and then it may be too late.

God help America.

John Copertino