Ferry offers ride discount to buy gas in Connecticut


Cross Sound Ferry is offering a free ride home over the holiday weekend for anyone looking to fill their gas tank in eastern Connecticut, where there are no shortages nor government-mandated rationing.

Motorists looking to travel to New London can either make a reservation or simply show up at the Orient terminal, pay for the ride over and receive a free return trip, said David Kapell, Cross Sound’s Long Island liaison.

Ferry personnel will provide direction to gas stations in the New London area, he said.

Although the post-Sandy gas lines seem to have all but disappeared in some areas, odd-even gas rationing took effect on Long Island and New York City Friday morning.

Under that system, last seen in 1973, vehicles with license plates ending with an odd number can only purchase gasoline on odd-numbered dates. Those whose plates end with an even number can only gas up on even-numbered days.

Ferry reservations can be made by calling 323-2525 or online at