Town information meeting tonight on yellow bag law


Southold Town is hosting a public information session tonight (Thursday) to explain its decision to return to enforcing the law requiring all refuse left at the curb for pickup must be in a town yellow bag.

The bag law will go back into effect tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 23, after a 120-day grace period the town instituted during its ongoing legal battle with Go Green Sanitation over Go Green’s insistence that their customers don’t need to use the yellow bags because Go Green takes the garbage out of town.

Supervisor Scott Russell announced last month that the bag law will go back into effect on the 23rd. He said he has been discussing the possibility of not requiring the yellow bags with representatives of the state DEC, who approved the town’s solid waste management plan requiring the yellow bags decades ago.

He said the DEC representatives doubt Southold would receive approval for an alternative waste management plan, since the one requiring the yellow bags has been very successful at ensuring residents recycle.

The information session will be held in the Town Board meeting room starting at 7 p.m.

A DEC representative will be on-hand to explain why Southold’s current solid waste management plan must be enforced.

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