Girl Scouts interview Mattituck biz owners

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | Claire Stevens interviews JABS owner Jill Schroeder during the Girl Scouts’ visit to women-run businesses on Love Lane.

After The Suffolk Times ran a story on how women business owners dominate Love Lane and adjacent Pike Street in Mattituck, Girl Scout troop 1575 was inspired to learn more about the roles  women play in our society.

Led by troop leader Lynn Stevens, the girls, ages 9 and 10, interviewed four of the female entrepreneurs during a visit Thursday afternoon.

Holding microphones high, the girls asked JABS owner, Jill Schroeder what got her into the fitness business and what Love Lane Kitchen owner Carolyn Iannone’s favorite menu item is. Cecily Jaffe of Cecily’s Love lane Gallery was asked how she decides which frame to choose for a picture and the question put to hair stylist Sandy Lazar of Haircutters was how she keeps a baby from crying while trimming their locks.

When the walking tour was finished, the girls turned their microphone on a Suffolk Times reporter, as curious about the news business as they’d been about each of the shops
“We are the future business owners of the area,” Ms. Stevens. Several of the girls said the experience helped them realize the many opportunities that may open up to them when they’re grown up.

To read more on Troop 1575’s visit pick up next week’s copy of The Suffolk Times.