Goodale Christmas display featured on TLC’s ‘Four Houses’

TLC, Cablevision, Dhonna Goodale
GOODALE PRODUCTIONS COURTESY PHOTO | Dhonna Goodale’s great room in Flanders all decorated for Christmas.

Diva philanthropist Dhonna Goodale and her family’s home in Flanders will be one of four houses featured on a TLC special called “Four Houses: Deck the Halls,” which airs Tuesday night.

The show documents a $10,000 competition between four contestants and their spectacular Christmas displays, judged on originality, tradition and elegance, Ms. Goodale explained.

“I go out and lose my mind over Christmas because it’s my most favorite holiday,” Ms. Goodale said of her reasons for going all out every holiday season. “I was the fourth person and while other people just wanted to win, I was looking at the bigger picture.

“I was looking at this as a springboard for me to host my own show.”

The holiday home-maker said she can’t disclose too much about the show due to a confidentiality agreement, but described three of her 12 themed-Christmas trees, which are strewn throughout the property.

“One of my favorite trees is the money tree,” she said, laughing. “I put fake and real money on it…”

Twelve trees aren’t the only thing that makes Ms. Goodale’s holiday display extravagant.

The display has also featured hired Santa helpers actually wrapping presents to be given as donated gifts, a team of Mrs. Claus’s from around the world gathered for holiday workshops to “discuss the world and how to make Christmas even better,” and even the big man himself, Santa Claus, working out in her gym, Ms. Goodale said.

“He may be portly,” she said, “But he’s healthy, so all the Santas are working out this year.”

Ms. Goodale says the actors set up shop during the show and other tours of the house by community groups.

“I want to thank the community and the different groups that came together to make this possible,” she said. “There’s so much talent out here.”

Ms. Goodale said those looking to tour the house can visit or visit her Facebook fan page.

The show airs at 10 p.m. on Cablevision channel 28.

An earlier version of this story reported that the show is part of a series. It is not.