Greenport AD becomes Sag Harbor’s AD

GARRET MEADE FILE PHOTO | Todd Gulluscio, a former field hockey coach in Greenport, resigned as the school’s athletic director to become Sag Harbor’s new athletic director.

As a Shelter Island resident, Todd Gulluscio’s normal workday routine has been to wake up in the morning and take a ferry to work. With his new job, Gulluscio will continue to do that, the only difference being that for now on, he will be taking a different ferry in the opposite direction.

Gulluscio submitted a letter of resignation as Greenport’s athletic director on Tuesday morning after having been appointed the Sag Harbor School District’s new athletic director the night before at a school board meeting.

Gulluscio called his new job “a great opportunity for me and my family.” He said: “I thought it was the best decision at this point in my career, and for my family. I loved Greenport and the people. Greenport will always hold a close place in my heart. It was a decision that wasn’t made lightly. … I feel like not only am I a good fit for their district, but I feel that the district is a good fit for me.”

Gulluscio, 35, became Greenport’s athletic director in August of 2010, succeeding long-time athletic director Robbie Costantini, who retired. He coached varsity field hockey for seven of those years.

Gulliuscio said he learned a lot in his time in Greenport.

“I walked in there seven and a half years ago, a 20-something-old phys ed teacher,” he said. “I’m walking away a much better person, a much better professional. I’ve been blessed to work with great people, and if it weren’t for those great people, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Gulluscio, who will begin his new job on Jan. 2, said it will feel strange not being associated with Greenport any longer. He said his son Tyler, a fourth-grader, wondered aloud what school their family should root for now at sporting events.

“You’ve been somewhere seven and half years, you have attachments,” Gulluscio said. “I’ll always root for Greenport, just maybe not when they’re playing Sag Harbor.”

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