Is the end of the world really upon us?

Despite what the Mayan calendar might say, the world in unlikely to come to an end Friday according to many scientists and organizations such as NASA. But if the end is drawing near, what better reason is there for one final party?

In Greenport, the Whiskey Wind Tavern has scheduled an “end of the world” party for tonight, and in Riverhead the Riverhead Project restaurant will offer its own “doomsday cocktail.”

That drink is a combination of wine and bourbon “and you don’t want to know the rest,” the drink menu says.

(It’s a squeeze of orange.)

“We’re hoping for the best,” restaurateur Dennis McDermott said.

On a more sober note, the Giving Room, in Southold, isn’t planning to mark the end of the world but instead the beginning of another with a candlelight gathering tonight.

“The 5,200 year-old Mayan Calendar comes to an end on Friday 12-21-12,” the invitation to Wednesday’s gathering said. “Many believe this date represents the beginning of a new era of enlightenment, while others believe it is yet another winter solstice worth celebrating. Whatever your beliefs, we invite you to join us for a celebration of life and meditation.”

The candle-lit event, with a $20 suggested donation, will include light refreshments and end with a 15-minute star gazing meditation at Southold’s Town Harbor Beach.

Others anticipate Friday will be nothing more than another work day. Among them is Bruce Tria, general manager and morning DJ for WRIV radio in Riverhead. He is not among the “world is going to end” crowd.

He notes that before the Mayan calendar discussion “it was preacher Harold Camping’s prediction that the world was going to end either last year or the year before, which didn’t happen either. In any event, I will not be attending any ‘end of the world’ parties, since I have to get up the next morning to do ‘The Dawn Patrol’ morning show.” He starts his show at 6 a.m.

Jerry Steiner, who owns Allied Optical Plan in downtown Riverhead, says he’s headed for outer space in hopes of avoiding the end of the world.

“I got a space ship in my backyard and I’m going to be loading liquid oxygen  into the fuel tanks and getting ready to blast off into outer space,” Mr. Steiner said. “I’m targeting one of the moons circling Uranus over there and, you know, if things are good on Earth, I’ll come back. If not, I’m going interstellar.”

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