Agenda: Will alcohol consumption be allowed at Mitchell Park again?

JAY WEBSTER FILE PHOTO  |  The Maritime Festival in Greenport was one event in which alcohol was permitted in "beer gardens."
JAY WEBSTER FILE PHOTO | The Maritime Festival in Greenport was one event last year in which alcohol was permitted in “beer gardens.”

As applications begin to come in for permits to use Mitchell Park this summer, Greenport Village will again examine its policies regarding the consumption of alcohol in the park.

At a 6 p.m. work session tonight, the village board plans to discuss public assembly requests that include the “consumption of alcoholic beverages under controlled conditions” at Mitchell Park Marina.

Village administrator David Abatelli has requested that the board address the procedure it uses to deal with those requests.

Last year, alcoholic consumption at events in the park was confined to enclosed areas known as “beer gardens.”

The village’s code committee is also looking into a new fee structure for wetlands permits, because the village’s current structure can be much more expensive than in other municipalities.

The board is also preparing its Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan for an upcoming 60-day public comment period and will be reviewing the incorporation of suggestions from the state Department of State into the plan.

The village’s building department also reported this month that permits for signs installed in the village since 2001 are required to be renewed every two years, but the village has never collected renewal fees. The village plans to start collecting the fees from the 14 businesses affected by the code change.

Historic Preservation Commission chairman Frank Uellendahl has also requested that Roselle Borelli be appointed to fill a vacant seat on that board.

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