Featured letter: Their faith restored

We have had a year of peace with no money stolen or wood missing. Since Dec. 1, 2012, our stand has been hit three times with an approximate loss of $100. However, we have the culprit on video and will have him in custody soon.
On the brighter side, below is a note on an envelope from an individual taking a tree and leaving money. We hope you print the note so that the individual can get back her $20. We want to return it as our hearts and faith have been renewed.
Have a happy and joyful 2013.

The note on the envelope:
Sorry I took a tree Xmas Eve for my 15-month-old daughter w/o anyone here, but music was on, hope you don’t mind. This is not something I would ever do, but feel bad if there’s no tree so here is $20. That is what its tag was marked. I so appreciate it – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Bob Mohr
Mr. Mohr’s son, Chris, operates Chris Mohr Landscaping in Cutchogue.