Van fire extinguished on Peconic Lane

GIANNA VOLPE PHOTO | A commercial painting van burned behind a residence at Peconic Lane in Peconic.

Firefighters quickly extinguished a van fire behind a residence on Peconic Lane in Peconic Tuesday afternoon.

Southold fire officials were called to the scene at 4:46 p.m. to put out the fire, which Chief William Byrnes said appeared to have started in the engine compartment of a Ford Econoline van.

Chief Byrnes said First Assistant Chief Peggy Killian was the first to arrive on the scene and she emptied at least one fire extinguisher on the van, a vehicle for a Peconic-based painting company.

The chief said numerous paint cans in the back of the vehicle were popping as officials arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire, which he said they were able to do in just 10 minutes.

The owner, who declined comment, was home at the time of the incident.  Nobody was in the van at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.

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