Southold Police called to Greenport over gun threat

Mr. Robert's Convenience Store

Southold police were called to a Greenport convenience store late Wednesday night after getting a call about a man threatening others with a gun, Police Chief Martin Flatley said.

Police later located the gun, which turned out to be a pellet gun, and did not make any arrests, Chief Flatley said.

The incident occurred near Mr. Roberts convenience store on Front Street in Greenport between 8 and 9 p.m., when a man with a gun threatened another man with what appeared to be a gun, Chief Flatley said. Southold Police responded to the scene and a K9 unit was brought to the store to try to find the weapon, he said.

“Whoever it was dumped the gun somewhere and [officers] were able to find it, but it was a pellet gun,” Chief Flatley said.

Since the gun wasn’t a firearm, police couldn’t track the registration to determine who the owner was.

“There were no arrests made because they weren’t able to tie the pellet gun into anybody once they found it,” Chief Flatley said.

An employee at the store Thursday said she had not heard about the incident and that the store’s manager wasn’t available.

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