Bronx men turned in forged prescriptions

CARRIE MILLER PHOTO |  A pharmacist at CVS alerted police that a man dropped off two fake prescriptions, leading to two arrests.

Two Bronx men with a history of faking drug prescriptions face federal charges after they were caught trying to pass off forged drug prescriptions at a Mattituck pharmacy last Wednesday, Southold police said.

A pharmacist at the CVS store on Route 25 contacted police about 2 p.m. to report a man dropped off two faked New York State prescriptions, according to a police report.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage and identified the suspect, who walked back into the store with another man soon after dropping off the prescriptions, police said. Both men were detained by police, according to a report. Police did not identify the drugs the two allegedly sought.

The pharmacist identified the man who dropped off the prescriptions as Jessie Roman, 25. Police identified the other man as 27-year-old Kevin Madisson and reportedly found he was carrying two more forged prescriptions and a fake New York State drivers license.

Police believe a third suspect, a woman, was waiting in a parked vehicle at the time, according to the report. She drove away and couldn’t be found, police said.

Both men were charged with second-degree possession of a forged instrument.

Mr. Roman consented to a search of his vehicle after it was impounded at the police station, police said. Officers reported finding several more forged prescriptions in the car.

Both Mr. Roman and Mr. Madisson have prior arrests for forging prescriptions, according to media reports. Mr. Roman was arrested in Greenwich, Conn., last Saturday after he tried to use a fake prescription to get Oxycodone from a Walgreens pharmacy, according to a local news report. He was charged with second-degree forgery criminal attempt at possession of narcotics and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and released on $1,000 bond, the report states.

Mr. Madisson was arrested with another man in Middletown, Del., last month after local police caught them trying to pick up faked prescriptions for Oxycodone, according to published reports. The prescription was allegedly a photocopy of one previously filled in New York, according to reports. Mr. Madisson faces charges of drug deal, committing fraud to obtain a controlled substance, forgery and conspiracy, according to the report. A Middletown police chief could not be reached for comment.

An assistant U.S. attorney and a representative from the Drug Enforcement Agency told police that the two suspects would be tried in federal court. They were taken to the Suffolk County Police Department’s third precinct to be held for arraignment, police said.

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