Featured Letter: We must come together to face big challenges

BETH YOUNG FILE PHOTO |  Shellfish in Peconic Bay grew to record numbers in recent years.

To the editor:

As a citizen and resident of Mattituck, I and others in Southold Town want our voices heard.

We want our voices and concerns heard at all levels of government, especially locally. But not just in Southold Town, in the five towns within the Peconic Bay region. We have much in common.

We must remember we are part of a region and act accordingly. In unity there is strength and we can no longer go it alone. In today’s world, that just won’t cut it.

Our Peconic Bay region is facing many challenges. To solve them we have to come together as one, as a well-managed entity, and face these big challenges in a team effort or we will fail.

The mechanisms are in place. Let’s join them and make a difference for all of us.

Jack McGreevy, Mattituck

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