Featured Letter: Don’t judge Dinizio after two weeks on job

TIM KELLY FILE PHOTO | Deputy Town Clerk Linda Cooper administering the oath of office to new Councilman Jim Dinizio last month.

To the editor:

Troy Gustavson just cannot wait to be critical of newly appointment Councilman Jim Dinizio. Why? Because he’s a member of the Southold Conservative Party? Because he was chosen by Republicans?

In Mr. Gustavson’s eyes, does that make Jim Dinizio unqualified? He’s been in office for less than two weeks and he’s prejudging him. What a shock.

Jim Dinizio has been involved in Southold Town government for 25 years and has served us well as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. He was even appointed chairman by the board’s Democratic majority. Mr. Gustavson says a Democrat should have been appointed. Find one more qualified and honorable than Jim Dinizio.

There have been many times over the years that Jim was not supporting Republicans or had not been supported by the Southold Republican Party. Jim has twice run for councilman and, as a matter of fact, that year he was endorsed by your paper and on the same ticket as Al Krupski. He has been outspoken in support of individuals’ property rights, as Al has been, and is a fiscal conservative, as Al is and proved to be while on the Town Board.

Jim Dinizio will do what he believes is best for Southold Town and will vote that way. Yes, Jim will probably vote with the Republicans and, as Mr. Gustavson said, “in lock step with the GOP majority” just as Democrat Albert Krupski did while on the board because that what will be what’s best for the town.

The Southold Town Board made the correct and obvious choice in replacing Albert Krupski. Al will do a great job as our county representative and Jim Dinizio will do the same great job as a Southold Town councilman.

Don’t judge Jim after only two weeks on the job. The Town Board under Supervisor Scott Russell has done a great job in this terrible economy and it’s too bad all towns on Long Island have not done as well. Scott and Albert put “party” aside and put what’s best for Southold first. You’ll see that will continue with Jim Dinizio on the board, even though he’s a Conservative, not a Democrat.

Dean Blaikie, Greenport

Mr. Blaikie is the former chairman of the Southold Conservative Party

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