Greenport planning events to mark 175th anniversary

The Village of Greenport will celebrate its 175th anniversary this summer. Kicking off Memorial Day weekend, the village is hosting dozens of events, both old and new, to commemorate its nautical history as it steps into the future.

“The events and museums are meant to preserve the historical aspect of the Village,” Business Improvement District promotion liaison Caroline Waloski said. “Our theater, shops and art are taking us into the future.”

Greenport was founded in 1838 and is the only incorporated village in Southold Town. Over its long history, it has been known by several different names, including Winter Harbor, Stirling and Green Hill. At a public meeting in 1831, the name Greenport was officially adopted.

Greenport started as a major whaling port and later became a huge oystering center. Today, the community still rallies around the village’s maritime history.

“The things this village has done in 175 years are astounding,” Mayor David Nyce said. “I’m very proud of the cultural diversity and the history. The best is yet to come.”

The waterfront is the focus of the majority of this year’s celebratory events, which include a May 25 water gun salute from Fire Fighter, a former New York City Fire Department fireboat that’s Mitchell Park Marina’s newest attraction. The vessel, which was retired in 2010, fought many well-known fires, including the SS Normandie in 1942, and pumped water from the Hudson River into Ground Zero on 9/11. On May 25, Fire Fighter will spray a stream of water into the air to celebrate Memorial Day and the village’s anniversary.

Other notable events on the agenda include a Shakespeare in the Park performance, the Green-port Classic Yacht Regatta and the 24th annual Maritime Festival, which draws more than 40,000 people to the village each year.

“There is so much going on and it just keeps growing,” Ms. Waloski said.

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