Southold duo arrested under social-host law

2013-04-08 13.09.16

Two Southold residents were arrested under Suffolk County’s social-host law after police busted a house party in Southold Tuesday night, Town police said.

Police got a report of a large party at 340 Pine Avenue in Southold about 9:30 p.m., according to a report. Police arrived at the scene and found “numerous” underage people drinking alcohol throughout the home, police said.

Cops broke the party up and arrested Marcus Smith, 21, and Christine Papot, 18, who live at the house, according to the report.

Both Mr. Smith and Ms. Papot were charged with violating the social-host law by providing alcohol to minors, according to the report.

Reached at her Pine Avenue home Wednesday morning, Ms. Papot said the party was supposed to be small, but people who weren’t invited to the party ended up coming to the house.

“It just turned into something bigger than it should have been,” she said. She said people who “shouldn’t have been there” were at the party, but said it didn’t get out of control and that nothing inside or outside the house was damaged.

Ms. Papot and Mr. Smith were taken to police headquarters and released with a future court date to answer to the charge,  police said.

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