Sterling Street parking law hearing in Greenport tonight

Visitors to Greenport Village could soon be prohibited from parking on a portion of Sterling Street’s eastern side if a proposed amendment to a local law is approved.

A public hearing on the amendment is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Third Street firehouse.

Mayor David Nyce said the proposal came from a recommendation by village administrator Dave Abatelli, who said cars parked along the waterfront where the road curves have caused unsafe conditions for southbound travelers.

“I ride my bicycle down there all the time,” the mayor said. “It is a dangerous spot.”

The parking ban would stretch only about 50 feet on the waterfront side of Sterling Street. A parking ban is already in effect on the residential side of the street. The proposed amendment would eliminate just three more parking spaces, village officials said at a public work session Monday evening.

At least three residents have already reached out to the village with letters regarding the amendment, officials said. The letter-writers argued that a parking restriction would make it more difficult for them to access their boats docked in local marinas.

Several residents showed up at the Village Board’s previous meeting to discuss the issue, only to learn the hearing had been pushed back due to a typo in a previously published legal announcement. The hearing was then re-advertised and scheduled for Monday.

Mr. Nyce said it’s important for residents and boaters to understand the law has not yet been approved, and the public hearing will give them a chance to share their opinions.

“[The ban] is not necessarily going to happen,” he said. “We’re just going through the process.”


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