Featured Letter: Beware of the turtles in New Suffolk

TIM KELLY FILE PHOTO | A snapping turtle crossing New Suffolk Road in New Suffolk (2012).

To the editor:

On New Suffolk Road in New Suffolk I was attacked by a turtle after trying to get it off the roadway.

I gave the turtle a gentle nudge on its rump and it turned and hung onto my trouser cuff. My trying to shake it off got nowhere as traffic passed around me, with shouts of “Get off the road!”

Finally, someone stopped and told me to stop shaking it, not realizing I was trembling, as it might let go and then take a chunk out of my leg. This same kind person told me this was a snapping turtle as she gently nudged its rump with a stick. It whirled around and grabbed the stick while others said get back.

This turtle was then dragged across the road as it hung onto the stick. On the other side it let go and turned to face us. We all stepped back. This was some tough turtle.

So beware on New Suffolk Road.

Possibly Suffolk Times editor Tim Kelly could come and wail on his bagpipes and drive these turtles out of New Suffolk as St. Patrick did with the snakes in Ireland.

Again, pedestrians beware of this turtle as it and others may be lying in wait as well.

Thomas McKenzie, New Suffolk