Featured Letter: Check your numbers on teacher salaries

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Elected officials met with education advocates Saturday in Middle Island.
FILE PHOTO | Elected officials met with education advocates earlier this year in Middle Island.

To the Editor:

Once again I read with great dismay your editor’s attack on public education. (See referenced editorial)

“For lawmakers to truly curb government spending across New York State they need to get public school teacher and administrator salaries … back into to the realm of what’s normal for middle income earners.”

Although “normal” is not a quantitative term, numbers are. The average income for a family in Southold Town is $61,108 while the average Mattituck teacher earns $62,718. I don’t think the extra $1,000 puts the educator out of the middle class into the upper class. Do you?

Lucille McKee, LAUREL

Ms. McKee is president of the Shoreham-Wading River Teachers’ Association

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