Featured Letter: Let’s cherish the North Fork

WENDY ZUHOSKI PHOTO | Suffolk Times reader Wendy Zuhoski submitted five shots of a sunrise she captured last week in New Suffolk.
WENDY ZUHOSKI PHOTO | A sunrise in New Suffolk earlier this year.

To the editor:

I think we need to take a second to consider our fortunes. With the summer sun approaching, we need to leave our cold attitudes in the prior season and absorb some true light. Living on the North Fork is a blessing and instead of honking at slowpokes, we should take their lead and look at the gorgeous scenery of our community.

I think we should drink our morning coffee slower, walk more and worry less. We should hold the door open more, smile more and text less. How lucky are we to live in paradise, where the birds still sing for us in the morning, where the sun isn’t blocked by skyscrapers, and where the beach is just a short distance away.

I think life can get real heavy sometimes and I understand that stress is an everyday issue, but I think we need to take the extra time to take the scenic back road home, take a few moments to breathe deeply and remember to love intensely.

I think it’s the simple pleasures like blooming dandelions, the whisper of the wind and the patter of rain that brings us back to reality.

I think we should hug the ones we love, spread kindness and just take in life with open arms and open eyes.

At least that’s what I think.

Veronica Stelzer, Mattituck

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