Kimogenor Point house to move forward as planned

A New Suffolk home at Kimogenor Point has been cleared to move forward by the Southold Zoning Board of Appeals after several hearings on the legality of its construction.

The Town building department previously ruled the construction had exceeded the scope of a July 2012 ZBA decision allowing a renovation that would preserve at least 25 percent of the original structure. The building department’s determination classified the construction as a demolition, the difference being that under a demolition the applicants would be required to file for a new variance.

The home replaces a previous structure that stood on the bayfront site until last year. It became a temporary landmark last fall after most of the home was removed and the top floor raised up on wooden cribbing following Hurricane Sandy.

During a walk through of the site last month board members discovered 26.2 percent of the original structure remained intact. That evaluation was upheld by the building department.

Renovations on the home will continue as cited in the original building plans.

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