Best senior volleyball players live in Greenport

COURTESY PHOTO | Pictured top left: Susan Stablile, Mickey Church, Diane Stefens. Pictured bottom left: Marilyn Stevens, Jackie McCormick and Ann Gillispe.

Nine senior citizens from San Simeon By the Sound Center won first place at a volleyball competition during The Golden Games at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue Friday.

The Golden Games is an all-day athletic competition for Suffolk County seniors. This year, teams representing 13 nursing home residences across the county competed in physical events such as volleyball, wheelchair relay races and bowling tournaments.

“They are good,” said director of recreation Margo DeVito. “Many of our residents look forward all year to this event, which is less about who wins and more about instilling confidence and helping to develop friendships across different facilities.”

This is the fifth consecutive year San Simeon’s team members won either gold or silver in the Golden Games’ volleyball competition.

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