Photos: Skaters show off their skills at Greenport Skate Park Festival

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Gus Rymer, 16, of Southold performs a trick on his scooter at Saturday’s Greenport Skate Park Festival.

What could be the final Greenport Skate Park Festival kicked off Saturday in Greenport with kids of all ages performing tricks on bikes, scooters and skateboards.

The annual event launched five years ago in an effort to restore the park to its former glory. That’s proved to be a difficult challenge.

The park was in much better condition Saturday compared to a week earlier, when garbage littered the ground and graffiti marks covered the area.

Michelle Bendik, co-organizer of the Greenport Skate Park Festival, told The Suffolk Times last week that this could be the end of the festival. To read more about the park, click here.