Village proposes skate park committee

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Trustee George Hubbard Jr. suggested Monday that local skateboarder Beau Pollock (pictured) would made an excellent skate park committee member.

Following reports of graffiti and trash littering the Greenport Skate Park, village board members are calling for the formation of a committee to help maintain the facility.

Trustee George Hubbard Jr. proposed the idea during Tuesday’s work session. The suggestion comes after an article in The Suffolk Times that detailed graffiti spelling out obscene messages and anti-Semitic symbols, holes the size of volleyballs in the ramps and trash piles on the ground beneath them.

Part-time Greenport resident Michelle Bendik, who co-organizes with her husband the Greenport Skate Park Festival, which raises money to rebuild the park, had said this might be the last year she hosts the event.

“I would rather it not be the last one,” Mr. Hubbard said. “It’s more than they can handle from where their [primary residence in Pittsburgh] is and I’d like to get together some of us to work to maintain it year round.”

The committee would consist of local residents that would assist in the upkeep throughout the year, Mr. Hubbard said. The members would be responsible for developing ideas and developing an action, he said.

Mayor David Nyce said he has already received interest from community members seeking to restore the park.

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