Featured Letters: Keep the politics out of political cartoons


To the editor:

Whatever happened to the cute cartoons each week from Peter Waldner? I was upset to see that he had to get some political digs into this week’s cartoon. In fact, I think The Suffolk Times is no longer the hometown newspaper that I started to read many years ago. It seems to be trying to get into politics outside of our local elections.

If I want to see such political cartoons, I can buy the big-time newspapers. I just want to find out what is going on locally, not in Washington, D.C. I hear enough of that on the news each night.

My advice to Peter is, keep it cute … not political.

Elizabeth Fletcher, Mattituck

To the editor:

The Oct. 24 cartoon displayed “frightening” Halloween masks. One of the masks is that of Senator Ted Cruz. Now, I am sure that this mask will frighten a “few,” who are also frightened of the truth. However the rest of us will react as they did in Amarillo, with an eight-minute standing ovation for the truth being told by Senator Cruz.

Louis Williams, Southold

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