Town wants year-round state police presence on Fishers Island

CYNDI MURRAY FILE PHOTO | Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley thinks a state troop should patrol Fishers Island year-round.

Southold Town wants a state trooper to patrol Fishers Island year-round.

Citing safety concerns, Supervisor Scott Russell and Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley told Town Board members Tuesday that they have requested that state police station an armed officer on Fishers Island throughout the year.

Currently, two state police officers patrol Fishers Island from April to October along with three unarmed bay constables. In the winter months, policing falls solely on the bay constables and while they have received much of the same training as a police officer they do not carry guns, Mr. Flatley said.

The Fishers Island School District has also voiced safety concerns in the winter months, Mr. Flatley said. Without a true police presence, the chief said residents are not receiving adequate protection and emergency response time could suffer.

“There is a gap,” he said. “With shooting incidents across the country, the question arose about response time, if there was an active shooter.”

The officer would cost the town an estimated $20,000 annually. The board supported the idea.

“It is more than reasonable,” Mr. Russell said.

Councilman Chris Talbot agreed.

“I support this 100 percent,” he said.

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