Solar panels coming to Mitchell Park?

FILE PHOTO | Greenport Village board members entertain idea of installing solar panels at Mitchell Park.

Greenport Village board members are moving forward with plans to install solar panels at Mitchell Park.

At Monday’s board of trustees work session, Mayor David Nyce said he would seek out estimates for the project before requesting bids from engineering firms.

The idea was first floated by village resident John Severini in September. Mr. Severini met Mr. Nyce when he was discussing his idea for a green energy park at Clark’s beach.

He has proposed installing panels on wooden overhangs on the pier of the park, believing the location is ideal for generating alternative power which could potentially eliminate the costs associated with maintenance on the canvas covers.

On Monday, board members voiced concern about reconfiguring the roof in order for the panels to face south – a necessary step should the village continue with the project.

“I don’t have a problem with the solar panels,” Trustee Mary Bess Phillips said. “The one thing that I don’t like is changing the design of Mitchell Park that was created by the architects.”

Trustee David Murray and Deputy Mayor George Hubbard suggested looking into placing brackets on the roof, which would allow for the positioning of the solar panels without changing the original structure.

Overall, the board expressed interest in conducting a cost analysis study for the project.

The mayor said he would seek estimates on the cost of a third-party consultant to conduct an engineering study before spending money on the proposal.