Cops: Man arrested for trespassing in Greenport again

Second Street Greenport

A Greenport man arrested a month ago for trespassing was arrested again a neighbor spotted him trespassing on a property in the village Monday afternoon, police said.

Around 2 p.m., officers responded to a call from a Second Street resident stating that a man dressed in a black coat with fur around the hood jumped over her neighbor’s fence and entered the backyard of the property, according to a police report.

The suspect then walked over to the back door of the residence checking to see if it was locked, which it was, then turned around and jumped over the fence again exiting the property, according to the report.

The suspect then got on his bicycle and left the area, police said.

Officers in the area were given a description of the suspect in question and 33-year-old Anthony Chance was stopped matching the description on Third Street, police said.

The witness then positively identified Mr. Chance as the person who jumped over her neighbor’s fence, the report stated.

The owner of the residence wished to press charges and Mr. Chance was arrested for third degree criminal trespassing, transported to headquarters, processed and released on bail for a later court date.

On Nov. 1, Mr. Chance had been arrested on trespassing and marijuana possession charges after he was seen on a fenced-in property on Broad Street, a few hundred feet from his latest arrest.