Featured Letter: Why shop anywhere but local this year?

Schmitts HorseradishTo the Editor:

Last Tuesday I was pouring over the half ton of catalogues that I get this time of year deciding what I could send my nieces and nephews in the midwest.

I was shocked at the prices of gifts in these catalogues for chocolate, popcorn, candy and on and on.

I really hated to just order a gift basket that was mostly wrapping and little inside, so Wednesday I decided I would try to find something local.  (For the past eight years living in Georgia, I would go to a pecan farm and get bulk pecans grown right there).  Y’all don’t grow pecans here, so I went down to my local farmstand and all of the things I needed were there.

They have several kinds of horseradish that are local and yummy along with local jams and honey.  I spent less than half of what I was going to spend in catalogues and it is a local product.

On Thursday I picked up the paper and read about buying local and chuckled to myself.  I began to think of things that would be wonderful gifts that are a part of our community and would continue to give:  a painting or photograph from a local artist, music lessons, dance lessons, a massage, physical training session, a monetary gift to a charity.

Even a hand-written letter (does anyone do them anymore?) would please many people. I have only skimmed the surface with these gifts and haven’t even mentioned the wines that are becoming world class.

Just think outside the box (store).

George Moravek, Riverhead

Editor’s Note: We want to hear where you shopped local this year, what you bought and why you shop there. Please leave a comment below.