Greenport Village Board to vote on ‘family’ zoning code amendment

FILE PHOTO | The Greenport Village Board is expected to vote on a zoning code amendment at Monday night’s meeting.

The Greenport Village Board is expected to vote on a proposed zoning code amendment that defines “family,” according to Monday night’s meeting agenda.

The move aims to match the zoning code’s definition of family with the definition listed in the village’s recently approved rental law.

Under the recently approved rental legislation, a family as “one or more persons occupying a dwelling unit as a single nonprofit housekeeping unit. More than five persons, exclusive of domestic servants, not related by blood, marriage or adoption do not constitute a family,” according to the existing code.

Residents have protested that the limited definition does not take into account diversity and the changing dynamics of modern families. Some went as far as to call the village’s definition of a family “racist” during those hearings. Many of those sentiments continued to be echoed during last month’s public hearing.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Third Street Fire House.

Scroll down to view the complete agenda. Check back later for an update.

Greenport Village Board Meeting Agenda, Dec. 23, 2013