Featured Letter: Gas lines are beneficial, but fix the road


To the editor:

I think it’s wonderful that Keyspan and National Grid decided to put in natural gas lines throughout all of Ackerly Pond Lane for “future use.” I do believe that they may become very beneficial to the homeowners who one day choose to go that route in their homes.

However, they have ripped up our entire road and left it a disaster. Some of the property throughout the length of the road has been destroyed as well. The two patch jobs just made the road worse. Not only is the road a rough ride, with asphalt kicking up all over your vehicle, but the ditch they left at the north end of the road adds a nice touch to your ABS before your vehicle finally comes to a stop in the North Road.

Anyone who drives this road knows how terrible it is and how awful it continues to get every day. They had no problem disrupting the residents to lay lines for quite awhile; the least they could do is disrupt the residents one last time and fix our road.

Tracey Carragher, Southold