DMV expiration reminders available through text, email

PAUL SQUIRE FILE PHOTO | The DMV is now offering text and email alerts.
PAUL SQUIRE FILE PHOTO | The DMV is now offering text and email alerts.

A new Department of Motor Vehicles service allows drivers to receive notifications through email and text message when their car’s inspection and registration are set to expire.

The “e-reminders” will be sent about 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration and again at expiration, state officials said in a statement. Inspection reminders will be sent on the first of the month of expiration, the 15th of the month and again when the inspection expires.

“These reminders, like our expanded lineup of online services, are another way in which we are making use of technology to increase efficiency, be cost effective and better serve the people of New York State,” said DMV Commissioner Barbara J. Fiala in a statement.

Later this year, the service will be expanded to also include reminders when their driver licenses or non-driver IDs are due for renewal.

“In the past, long lines at the local DMV office were a symbol of an inefficient state government, but in the last three years, my administration has made it a priority to turn around that reputation and better serve New Yorkers,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. “This latest service offered by DMV is a step forward in those efforts.”

Drivers can sign up for the service online, by mail when they renew their registration or at a DMV office. They will also automatically be enrolled if they completed an online transaction in the past two years.

Customers can choose unsubscribe to this service at any time, state officials said. For more information, visit the Department’s website at

[email protected]